ISEPR Foundation and the group of international experts “K21”

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The results of work by the ISEPR Foundation and the group of international experts collected in the report “Democracies XXI: a Paradigm Shift” were presented in Moscow on June, 3rd. The aim of the project is to gather opinions by the leading researchers on the current state of democracy and its perspectives.

The report is published 40 years after the famous report by the Trilateral Commission “The Crisis of Democracy” edited by Michel Crozier, Samuel Huntington and Joji Watanuki.

It was also announced that on the basis of the project an International analytical center “Rethinking Russia” will be launched.

“Democracies XXI” is set to become a permanently functioning discussion forum on the contemporary democracies throughout the world.

Presentation of the second part of the report devoted to the issues of national model of Russian democracy is scheduled on the fall 2015.

After the presentation the first meeting of an informal international group of experts “K21” was held. First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Vyacheslav Volodin became the first distinguished guest of the club.

“K21” consists of 8 experts, among which are: Ivan Blot, Nicolas Sarkozy’s consultant, doctor of economics at the Institute of Political Studies (France), Eirikur Bergmann, director of the Center for European Studies at Bilfrost University (Iceland), Subrata Mitra, Director of Institute for South Asian Studies at National Singapore University, Russian political scientists Igor Bunin and Andrey Melville and director of Institute for international relations at MGIMO Yan Vaslavsky.

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