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The international analytical center Rethinking Russia is honored to present the inaugural issue of its Journal. Quite logically we decided to dedicate this issue of the Rethinking Russia Journal to the events in Syria and Russia’s role in this conflict.

On September 30 Russia announced the start of its military mission in Syria, directed against the terrorist threat and at restoring stability in the war-torn country. The mission has been launched at an official request of the Syrian government.

It is quite clear that the international community should join efforts in search of a solution to the Syrian crisis. In fact, this is a point President Putin made in his speech at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, September, 28. He called for creating an anti ISIS coalition, which would resemble the one that was formed against Hitler half a century ago.

However, as of now the level of cooperation between the world’s leading powers leaves much to be desired. The global information landscape is occasionally littered with provocations and doubtful reports, aimed at discrediting the Russian campaign and its foreign policy as a whole.

Being fully aware of how important it is to provide an objective coverage of different states’ policies in Syria, we are offering our readers an opportunity to make their own judgement about the goals and objectives of Russia’s mission in Syria. This issue is featuring the opinions of some of the most prominent experts both from Russia and from other countries around the globe.

On September 30 Rethinking Russia in coordination with ISEPR Foundation held a roundtable discussion in Moscow dedicated to the 70th UN General Assembly as well as to the start of the Russian operation in Syria. The event titled “Seizing the Initiative: Discussing the Speeches Delivered by the World Leaders at the UN General Assembly,” gathered prominent political scientists, experts and journalists. In this issue of the Rethinking Russia Journal we offer you extracts from most interesting speeches and comments.

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