On Russia’s Syria and Iraq Intervention

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General Didier Tauzin

The author of the book “To rebuild France”, potential candidate for the French presidency in 2017

The current situation in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq, is a direct consequence of the western policy that has been conducted in the region for past 20 years. And the migrant flow to Europe is also the consequence of this policy. It jeopardizes social stability of European countries and discredits their governments and elected officials.

There is no doubt that as the leader of the West the USA is responsible for the development in the region. Since 1900s in cooperation with islamists the US has been disintegrating the Middle East, pursuing twin goals. On the one hand, it seeks to weaken or even to destroy states that might harm Israel. On the other hand, Washington aspires to resist region’s oil policy. Therefore, it relies on Turkey, which obtains the second largest army in NATO after the USA, and even do not prevent it from secretly dreaming of reconstructing the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed after World War I, at least partly. Washington would be glad to have an ally in the region, strong enough to represent a threat to Russia and Iran and in fact dominate in Europe, so that America can quickly distance itself from European countries.

At the same time France is also responsible for what is happening in the Middle East. Instead of pursuing Charles de Gaulle’s cautious and independent foreign policy, which respected nations, their sovereignty, history and its tendencies, since 1990s his successors have been vassaling the country to the United States, thus encouraging its strive for world domination. By that, France against its own interests and to the detriment of its millenarian friendly relations with other countries contributed to destabilization in Libya and in the Middle East, like some time ago in Yugoslavia. France, though indirectly, is responsible for all violence towards people living in the Middle East and for what someday may be qualified as genocide against Yazidis and Christians. But now, having created chaos in all these regions and being balked of purpose, the USA is stepping back in order to focus on a new goal in the Far East. It shifts the responsibility for dealing with the consequences of their destabilization policy to other shoulders. And these consequences may be catastrophic to France, Europe (of course including Russia) and even for the whole world.

Taking into account this difficult and dangerous context, it’s no question that I approve Russia’s intervention to the Middle East.

ISIS elimination that is now taking place is vital for the Middle East, Europe, Africa and, no doubt, even for the territories beyond these regions. Human welfare depends on this. It is also necessary to stop shy imperialist pretensions of some Muslim states of the region, because they provoke serious conflicts.

Besides, Russia’s intervention to the Middle East will reduce the flow of migrants to Europe or even block it.

The situation in the Middle East and in Europe, the US stepping back and Russian operation provide an opportunity for Europe to, finally, become a real political actor and to boost its more than millenarian ties with Russia and other European countries. Taking into account France’s historical role in the Middle East, which is, to some extent, also a vocation, it should become a driving force of the developments. This will enable the country to get back to its place in the nations’ community and to become again a political leader of Europe.

The first task for France is to restore its military and diplomatic sovereignty. It should not only stop military cooperation with NATO, but also withdraw from the Organization, which is no longer a legitimate means of defense and should have been disbanded in 1992. Nowadays, the only function of NATO is underpinning American imperialism. Charles de Gaulle was right to say that France should engage in warfare only in case of real security threat.

The second task is to contribute to the Middle East settlement. To do this, France should return to political realism, restore diplomatic relations with Damascus, establish partnership diplomatic relations with Moscow and stimulate as many European countries as possible to follow its example. Besides ISIS elimination France should try to establish conditions under which Syrian and Iraqi migrants, who fled to Europe, could get back to their home countries, minorities rights, particularly the rights of Christians, in these countries would be restored and Israel’s security would be enhanced.

This would help to postpone such catastrophic civil wars’ consequences as economic recession and social and cultural decay. Europe will pluck up its spirits, finally pay for its past, return to its Christian roots that lie at the heart of its civilization, get rid of the US pressure, exercised since 1945, and once again will have future. If we could say that migrant flow to Europe may have positive sides, the only positive side is that it can revive Europeans’ will to live.

However, these tasks implementation is not enough as growing demographic, economic and religious differences between Eurasia and Israel on the one hand and the Middle East and Africa on the other largely determine current developments. And these developments are in fact Europe and Russia’s heaviest defeat since 15th century. If this defeat is underestimated, it may lead to the disappearance of Europe and Israel and to Russia’s retreat the east of the Urals.

The greatest concern of France is to restore its military might in the beginning of a century that bids fair to be an extremely dangerous one. However, it also very important to get as many European states as possible to cooperate and stimulate them to start rearmament and create a reliable European defense system.

Global long-term cooperation of France and Russia is of utter importance. Later on, other European countries and Israel should engage in this cooperation. And Israel’s security should become the primary goal of reasonable policy in the region. Formulation and implementation of policy of settlement in the Middle East and Africa and of their future development should become an ultimate goal of this cooperation.

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Therefore, to create peaceful and safe environment and to ensure their own survival Europe, Russia and Israel should hear each other. And Russia and France should be two pillars of this process.

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