«Putin’s Russia» in France

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The book «Putin’s Russia» that was authored by Ivan Blot, Nicolas Sarkozy’s informal advisor and former Deputy Head of the French Interior Ministry, will be published and presented in France in December 2015.

The book is going to be released by a French publishing house «Bernard Giovanangeli Editeur» and the international analytical center «Rethinking Russia» together with «Knizhnyi Mir» publishers.

Experts believe that Ivan Blot’s book will generate a lot of interest both in Russia and France. A Russian language edition of “Putin’s Russia” will be presented in early 2016 in Moscow. Ahead of the official release of the book we offer you a sneak-peak of its third chapter “Vladimir Putin and the return to the sovereign function” (available in Russian) that is dedicated to the modern state of Russia’s political system and the All-Russia People’s Front as a unique mechanism of direct democracy.

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