“Putin’s Russia”: An Objective View from Abroad

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On December 15, 2015, Ivan Blot, a French writer and statesman, presented his book “Putin’s Russia” at the Tiers Library in Paris. The book was released by the French publishing house “Bernard Giovanangeli Editeur” in association with the International Analytical Center “Rethinking Russia.”

Ivan Blot, who previously worked as the Deputy Head of the French Interior Ministry and was a Member of the European Parliament, is today engaged in scholarly work and writing. One of his priority research topics is Russia, its modern state and history, economy and politics, history as well as its culture.

 “Putin’s Russia” – is one of the first successful attempts at drawing an unbiased image of modern Russia. Having dedicated years to studying the country, in his book Ivan Blot concentrates on various aspects of the country’s life: he analyzes its history, domestic and foreign policy, economy, demographics, defense and security as well as the role of the Orthodox Church.

According to Ivan Blot, the image of modern Russia is inextricably linked to the personality of Vladimir Putin. It is through the achievements and political decisions of the President of Russia that the author has succeeded in explaining the many events and processes taking place in the country.

Over 120 people attended the book’s presentation: Among them were former and current French politicians, businessmen, academics, experts as well as journalists. At the beginning of the event the publishers Bernard Giovanangeli and Rethinking Russia Director Yan Vaslavskiy introduced the book and the author. Later, the floor was taken by Ivan Blot who spoke about his book “Putin’s Russia” and took questions from the audience.

“We are happy that the book is of interest to the French audience. Ivan Blot’s work deserves this attention because he explores the real Russia, its history and present. I hope that this book will contribute to the fight against myths about Russia and will help readers form a comprehensive and critical image of the country that is free of bias and stereotypes,” concluded Yan Vaslavskiy at the end of the presentation.

Non-Russian speakers, particularly the French, are the book’s target audience. However, it will also be of interest to Russian readers. The presentation of the Russian version of the book by Ivan Blot “Putin’s Russia” will take place in Moscow in early 2016.

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