The All-Russia People’s Front as an Instrument of Direct Democracy

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The All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) held the “Action Forum” in Yoshkar-Ola on April 25 that was attended by President Vladimir Putin. Participants of the Forum discussed topics ranging from the quality of life to the state of the country’s social services, however, the issue covered most extensively was the effectiveness of budget spending in Russia.

At the Forum President Putin said that the All-Russia People’s Front, whose task is to monitor the execution of the so-called “May decrees” is an effective tool of direct democracy. According to the President, these meetings help the government and the Presidential Administration form their agenda, as well as amend federal laws and adopt new decrees. Vladimir Putin also asked the ONF to inspect the execution of his orders given during the previous Forum.

Commenting of ONF’s work the President emphasized that the All-Russia People’s Front activists help the implementation of the national agenda. According to Vladimir Putin, the systemic approach that the organization has also helps set new goals for the government. The ONF is planning on holding two more Forums later this year.

According to analyst Alexei Chadayev, ideas expressed by the Front are used by President Putin to  set new goals for deputy Prime Ministers, federal ministers and local governors. In that regard as an instrument of direct democracy the ONF creates a mechanism that allows for the promotion of “bottom-up” decisions.

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