Foreign Press Review #9 (23.05-29.05)

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Last week all eyes were on the prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine, as a result of which Nadezhda Savchenko was released. Journalists highlighted her colorful defiance to Moscow but few media outlets mentioned her ultranationalist views. Some experts suggest that Savchenko eyes a career in Ukrainian politics, others think that her release may deepen the existing rift within the political elites. Last week Western media widely reported on an alleged ISIS attack against the T4 base in Syria, as a result of which four Russian helicopters and twenty trucks were destroyed. The Russian Defense Ministry, however, denied these reports. The placement of the 1.75 billion USD Russian bonds was also in the limelight last week. Despite some technical problems and skepticism on the part of a number of investors, this event symbolizes the failure of Western attempts to isolate Russia.