Rethinking Russia at a Meeting With Sergey Lavrov

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Director of the International Analytical Center Rethinking Russia Yan Vaslavskiy took part in the annual meeting of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with representatives of Russian NGOs. During the event, the Foreign Minister and the guests discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation, including the contribution to improving the efficiency of Russia’s foreign policy that NGO’s can make, as well as facilitating the work of NGOs of the Ministry abroad. In his speech, Sergey Lavrov stressed the importance of increasing the efforts of NGOs in several ways. Among them:

  • Countering attempts to “rewrite” the history, information warfare and propaganda campaigns from abroad;
  • Politically non-biased human rights activities;
  • Objective coverage of the election process in Russia (including in the light of the approaching parliamentary elections);
  • Development of cultural and humanitarian contacts with partner NGOs from Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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