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One of the key political events last week, which was covered in the Russian Press was the NATO Summit in Warsaw that took place on July 8-9. Officials reaffirmed the role of NATO as an organisation for the maintenance of peace and stressed that additional deployment of NATO forces in the Baltic states was only conducted as a response to the threats posed by Russian foreign policy. Chairman of the NATO Military Committee P. Pavel spoke of a policy of containment towards Russia. At the summit, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs W. Waszczykowski expressed his support for supplementary deployment of NATO troops: in his view, the foreign policy interests of Poland and Russia are strictly diveregent.

The Ukrainian conflict was one of the topics discussed at the Summit. RBC published an article commenting on the violence in the Donbass region, which has this month caused a record number of death since August 2015, according to the UN. Sanctions against Russia were prolonged for another six months last week in relation to the conflict. The Russian press covered the White House comments on that regard: Deputy National Security Advisor B. Rhodes stated that sanctions are a political duty in response to the lack progress for peace in the Ukraine. He therefore encouraged Europe to willingly accept the economic difficulties engendered by this policy.

The State Council of Crimea issued a statement this week calling for the «international community» not to finance the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, an organization which has been banned in the Russian Federation this year for extremist activity. The head of the Crimean political institutions S. Aksenev affirmed that the leaders of the Crimean Tatars were in no ways targeted by the government. Another piece of news related to Crimea is the denunciation by the Russian Foreign Ministry of the denial of visas to Crimean citizens as a violation of human rights.

Internal US politics was also discussed on the Russian press, following the shooting of two African-Americans: Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana. The press in partcular covered the wave of protests against police violence that has swept up in response to the police killings. The press also covered the murder of 5 white policemen during a protest against police violence by US reservist Micah Johnson.

NATO of the Warsaw Pact

By Pavel Tarasenko



This articles covers the two-day NATO summit that opened on the 8th of July. The Secretary General affirmed that deployment of supplementary military forces in the Baltic is conducted as a response to Russian foreign policy.

The Crimean Parliament Appeals to the World Community

By Vadim Nikiforov



The State Council of Crimea expressed concern about the threat of terrorist activity in Crimea. In particular, the deputies stressed their condemnation of the activity of the  Меджлис крымских татар, who organised the blockade of Crimea in 2015, cutting off transportation and energy supplies from the mainland. The deputies issued a statement asking the international community not to provide support for this group, be it of a moral or financial kind.

Washington Calls on Europe to Put up With Difficulties Because of the Anti-Russian Sanctions



The United States called for European states that hold sanctions against Russia to accept their negative consequences, because they are a duty of Europeans in response to the Ukrainian conflict.

Protests Take Place in the US Over Police Tyranny



The article covers the wave of protest against police violence that has swept up in the US this week, and discusses the killings that sparked the movement.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Considers the Refusal to Issue Visas to Crimea’s Residents Violation of Human Rights



The refusal to grant visas to Crimean citizens is denounced by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a violation of human rights.

Manipulative Techniques are Being Used Under the Guise of Combating Violence

By Petr Akopov



The author comments on the internet ‘flashmob’ for denouncing harassment that took place the 8th of July, which in Russia is a celebration of family and marriage. The author comments on the exaggerated impressions of the commonness of sexual harassment and describes this flashmob, beyond its original message, as denouncing a ‘male society’. The author sees this flashmob as part of an attempt to deconstruct differences that exist and are recognized between men and women and to move towards a uni-gender society.

Russia will respond to US missile defense deployment in South Korea

By Marina Baltacheva



New US missiles in South Korea are seen by Moscow and Beijing at a distabilisation of the balance of power in the region. Some experts see this strategic moves of the US as a complement to the deployment of a an additional missile defence system in Romania.

Decline in the Level of American Patriotism reminds of the Fate of the USSR

By Anton Krylov



The level of patriotism in the US is at its lowest since the 09.11 attacks. Discontent with US politics is particularly felt among young adults. The author writes that n the USSR, which provided many social services, where infrastructure was rather well-developed, a much better situation than in many parts of the world at the time. Yet, there was widespread discontent among the people. In his opinion, the situation in America is similar in the USA today: in a state much better off than most of the world, there is still widespread discontent. This article argues that the rise of Trump is related to this political discontent felt in American society. The author concludes by stating the US today faces problems that to some extent resemble those of the USSR in the 1980s.

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