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The Russian press was virulent this week around the Olympic Games participation issue. The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and 68 Russian athletes have been unsuccessful in their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) to reverse their ban from competition. Allegations are circulating that Russia ran a state-sponsored doping program covered up by the Russian Federal Security Service. Russia Russian athletes will not be able to compete for their country in the upcoming Rio Olympics, though they still have the option to compete independently. This proposal is rejected by those athletes that view the primary aim of their career in representing their state and defending it in the arena.

A number of articles covered the murder of Pavel Sheremet in Kiev. The journalists did not in his conduct show signs of concern for his security – he most probably did not receive any threats prior to his death. He was killed by a bomb explosion that detonated next to his car as he left home. Articles reflect on the lack of journalists’ security, no matter their points of view, in today’s Ukraine.

Some articles consider the aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey. They address Erdogan’s efforts to ‘cleanse’ the state apparatus from putschists. Some articles also consider who were the coup’s leaders. It can be noted that the coup attracts much less attention from the Russian media than it does from the main European and American media outlets.

The shooting that happened in Munich, killing nine, was also addressed. No terrorist organization has claimed the shooting as its operation, yet they IS supporters have hailed the actions of the 18-year-old killer.


Journalist Pavel Sheremet is killed in Kiev

By M. Moshkin



The journalist was killed by a bomb explosion that detonated not far from his car in Kiev. Experts state that the method used was meant to attract widespread attention.

“The “Right Sector” is the modern SS” – interview with an American mercenary on his service in the lines of Ukrainian radicals
By I. Rotar


An extreme-right-wing American mercenary had to flee the Ukraine after men from the ‘Right Sector’, who he had enrolled with threatened to kill him. This interview gives the perspective of a foreigner on the conduct and crimes of the ‘Right Sector’ organization. He tells of civilian beatings, rape, sexual relations with minors and violent racism (including against himself).

French deputies will visit Sebastopol



French deputies will take part in the celebrations for the Day of the Russian Navy. This visit will be an occasion to discuss the development of bilateral relations between Crimea and France.


Iron Dalia – the two lives of the Lithuanian president Grybauskaitė

By V.Veretennikov


The Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė attempted two careers. She is today the head of a strongly anti-Russian government that rejects any form of Soviet heritage and describes these years as years of foreign occupation. Yet, she once also attempted a brilliant career in the Communist Party.


«Yes, I am German, and I have had enough»: what happened in Munich

By E. Markhukia, A. Kuznetsov



The article covers the main details released to the public after the Munich shooting on Friday and discusses the profile of the killer who appears to have planned the shooting ahead of time. The local police conducted a special operation in response to the events.


With a red flag against Erdogan and IS – what forces girls from Turkey to go fight in Syria

By I.Polonskiy


An article on why women from Turkey with left-wing convictions travel to fight alongside Kurdish forces in Syria. The Kurdistan Worker’s Party stresses the need to emancipate women.

Rio 2016 Olympics

Russians – Out!

By A. Zagumennov


The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and 68 Russian athletes have been unsuccessful in their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

“We are being brought down, and there is no way we can answer”

By R. Salakhetdinov


She ruled out any suggestions to compete independently, stating that it is not for running away when a hard situation comes that she won so many medals for her country.

“So that Americans can win more medals”

By Yu. Zaynashev



The criteria used in the doping evaluation were unrealistic to fulfil, because their were applied retrospectively, considering their entire career, says the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)


The plot in a hurry: what has come to light about the leaders and the plans of the rebels in Turkey

By G. Peremitin, P. Khimshiashvili



The coup attempt may have failed because it began five hours before the planned time. Erdogan’s government is likely to have been aware that a coup was being prepared and could therefore take the necessary measures to defend its position.

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