Russian Press Review (27.06-03.07)

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A major theme covered last week in the Russian press was the normalization of relations between the Russian Federation and Turkey. Sergei Lavrov and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu met in Sochi on the 1st of July, following the reception of the Turkish President’s letter by his Russian counterpart. The meeting concluded with the decision to normalize bilateral relations and to re-launch cooperation against terrorism.

Another theme addressed in the Russian press was the trip of Sergei Lavrov to France, where Brexit and Russian-French trade relations were discussed. Jean-Marc Ayrault expressed the hope that sanctions would soon be lifted. Despite this hopeful outlook, sanctions against the Russian Federation have been extended by the European Union on the 1st of July for another 6 months.

Brexit was also commented on, in particualr the allegations of some European and American news outlets that Russia has much to gain from the outcome of the referendum. It was stressed that a strong, united Europe is in the political interest of Russia. The impact of Brexit on other independence movements, for instance in the United States, was also considered.

RIA Novosti focused on the upcoming Duma elections, covering for example the fact that more than 150 candidates approved to run for United Russia are new to the political scene, giving the party a new dynamism. RIA Novosti also addressed the current debate in the Central Election Commission on whether to invite foreign observers from states supporting sanctions against Russia, in the light of the upcoming Duma election that are to take place on September 18th.

In the military sphere, the expansion of NATO was mentioned in articles pertaining to Vladimir Putin’s visit to Finland. highlighted the Russian President’s concern about the deployment of additional NATO forces in the Baltic states and the installation of a missile defense system in Poland. This system could be easily used for launching middle range missiles, according to President Putin, and is therefore interpreted as a threat to Russian security by the government. This week’s press also covered the openness of Russia to resume talks with the United States on nuclear containment.

President Putin speaks to Russian diplomats

Moscow Recalls Its Ambassadors

Tatyana Melikyan


Vladimir Putin affirms that Russia will not enter into a new arms race. He also stressed the importance of the media in modern politics.

“I hope sanctions can get over with very soon”

Alexey Naumov


Covers the meeting of Sergei Lavrov with Jean-Marc Ayrault in Paris.


Is There Life After Brexit?

Timofey Bordachev


Discusses the UK’s options for relations with the EU: remaining despite the result, starting a new round of ‘special’ membership conditions, leaving with the threat of a second Scottish referendum.

Will Scotland Take the UK’s Place in the EU?


Discusses the possibility of Scotland exiting the UK and entering the EU independently.

Guess Who Is to Blame

Tatyana Melikyan


The articles argues against accusations of some foreign press outlets and political figures that have criticized Russia amongst other things as a beneficiary of Brexit, as the instigator of the fan violence in France, and as culprit of the migrant crisis in Europe.

Following Brexit Texas and California Mull Secession


On independence movements in Texas and California, and the impact of Brexit.

Relations with Turkey

Thaw in Sochi

Kseniya Melnikova


Discuss the normalization of bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey after the meeting of Sergei Lavrov and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on the 1st of June.

Conflicts near the Russian border

Lavrov and Steinmeier Discuss Ukraine and Karabakh


Sergei Lavrov and Frank-Walter Steinmeier discuss the Ukraine and Karabakh conflicts in a phone call.

NATO discussion with the Finnish President

Putin Tells the Finns About a War with NATO

Andrey Vinokurov 


On the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Sauli Niinistö in Finland. The possibility of Finland’s entry into NATO was discussed. V. Putin stressed that Russia, from his perspective, has not acted in any way that would provoke the weariness of the Finnish people.

Nuclear missiles

Russian Ambassador: There is No Discussion of Missile Security with the US


Russia is open to further talks on nuclear missiles with America, according to the Russia ambassador to the United States.

The upcoming Duma elections in the Russian Federation

United Russia Says That Over 150 Approved  Candidates Are New Personalities


On new candidates of United Russia that have not previously been involved in politics

Panfilova Invites Observers From Countries That Support Sanctions


On whether or not to invite international observers for the upcoming Duma election from states supporting sanctions against the Russian Federation

Plans of economic development

Medvedev: We Will Not Adjust Economy to Foreign Interests


Dmitri Medvedev declares that Russia will consider exclusively its own economic interests when drawing plans of economic development, not those of other states.

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