“Everything for France”: new book of Nicolas Sarkozy

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Recently Nicolas Sarkozy’s new book “Everything for France” was presented in Paris. The first edition – more than 32 thousand books – was sold within four days. While the publishers have already announced that the second edition will soon hit the shelves, our center publishes an extract from the book of the French statesman and politician, devoted to the relations with Russia and the joint fight against common global threats.

The extract is being published as a “direct speech”, without our comments, for the readers to reflect.

“…The Islamic State[1] should be eliminated like Al-Qaeda and any other organizations of this type spreading terror around the globe. Since they wage a war against the civilization, the civilization, in its turn, should proclaim a total war to them. Generally, equitation is quite simple: either we or the barbarians. We have no alternative, we should stand against them and fight. And for this we need to have means. Today it is far from being like that. That is why I want to enhance our national security’s efficiency by increasing its budget from 32 billion euros today to 41 billion euros five years from now. Without this budget increase we will not be able to solve the problem of the tiredness of the personnel and the wear-out of their equipment. Words are not enough. We should embark on steps.

To win the “external war” I will take three initiatives that will significantly diverge from what can hardly be called current foreign policy. We should not accept the fact that our voice becomes deafly heard. We are losing our traditional face in the international arena. France is no longer an actor, it has become, first of all, a target.

My first initiative will be to visit Moscow in order to convince Vladimir Putin that too much time has already been lost and that it is necessary to join forces of two international coalitions which cannot concur with each other on the Syrian problem. We need Russia to pacify Syria and to eliminate ISIS. It is reality. We do not need a new Cold War that, properly speaking, is senseless at the time when we are facing the threat of the Islamic terrorism. Sanctions against Russia should be lifted so that it lifts its sanctions in return. We can also establish a common international coalition that will be aimed at eliminating the barbaric Islamic State. Besides, this will contribute to solving Ukrainian crisis due to resuming talks in the atmosphere of the restored confidence with the respect of the United Nations principles, especially concerning state borders. Of course, Russia’s return to the negotiating table will not resolve the Syrian crisis with the wave of a magic wand. Even though it is not an indispensable condition, it is a preliminary one.”

[1] Terrorist organization ISIS is prohibited in Russia.

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