The 5th International Forum «Berdyaev Readings»

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20-21 October 2016 Library Thiers (Paris) hosted the 5th International Forum «Berdyaev Readings», organized by ISEPR Foundation in cooperation with the International analytical center «Rethinking Russia».

The leading Russian and foreign experts characterized the current state of the European civilization from the position of the historic past and present.

What are the main reasons and lines of the traditional values erosion in modern Europe? What are the main challenges for the future of Europe? What is happening to the traditional European culture? What are the distinguishing features of the «Russian way» of the European civilization?

The participants tried to find out whether the future of European civilization is possible without returning to its core values, the cultural value basics that have been shaping European identity more than a thousand years.The Forum was attended by over 50 experts. Among them:

– Boris Mezhuev, editor in chief of the analytical portal «»

– Mikhail Maslin, head of the Department of History of Russian philosophy, Philosophy Faculty, Moscow State University

– Egor Kholmogorov, chief editor of the online magazine «Russian observer»

Mikhail Remizov, Institute for the national strategy, President

Valeriy Fedorov, RPORC (WCIOM), Director General

– Leonid Polyakov, member of the advisory board of the ISEPR Foundation

Ivan Blot, philosopher, political scientist

John Laughland, professor, The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation

Kirill Benediktov, chief editor of the portal «Russian idea», writer, political scientist

– Rodion Mikhailov, Deputy Chairman of the ISEPR Foundation Expert Council

– Yan Vaslavsky, «Rethinking Russia» Director

– Hilaire de Cremieux, director of the «Politique magazine»

Christian Vanneste, a former member of the National Assembly of France

– Andrey Rachinsky, associate Professor of the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations

Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma, political and public figure (Parma branch of the Bourbons)

– Alen De Maistre, a descendant of Joseph de Maistre

– Bernard Cellier, a former senator of the Parliament of France

– Paul Grenier, founder of «Solidarity Hall» publishing house (USA)

And others

The materials of the Conference will be included in the special issue of the «Essays on conservatism». The second day of the Forum was held in the house of the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev (Clamart, Paris) where the participants held a round table and the presentation of the sixth issue of the almanac «Samopoznanie (Self-recognition)».

Source: ISEPR

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