Russian State Duma expressing country’s national interests

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Following the election of Donald Trump, Moscow hopes to restore relations with Washington. Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the State Duma, in his interview with the NTV Channel said that much would depend on the efforts of the American President-elect.

Anyway, Trump’s worldview attitudes, including towards the fight against terrorism and building up constructive relations, are close to Russia, the speaker of the State Duma emphasized. Two presidents have similar positions on several issues, Volodin thinks.

“Time will tell whether Trump will abide by his statements. It is really difficult to predict it now, but he does have all the opportunities”, State Duma chairman added.

Director general of the analytical center “Moscow region” Alexey Chadaev mentions that two presidents’ agreements are not enough to build good relations between two states and two nations:

It is necessary to improve civil communication, communication between political elites, business communities, intellectuals, social activists, finally, between ordinary people of two states. In this context, the interest that Russian society expressed in the US elections comes to one’s attention. Depoliticized Russians followed the elections as closely as Americans themselves.

Vacheslav Volodin, a consummate and aware politician, noticed this trend, the interest of Russian provinces in American provinces’ views. It is quite logical that the speaker of parliament’s lower chamber (a representative body) expressed his attitude on the issue that, one would think, refers to the sphere of diplomacy.

I do not think that his statements should be regarded as an attempt of the State Duma to carry out its own foreign policy course. It is more about a dialogue between the nations and expanding opportunities to learn more about each other. Unfortunately, during the latest presidential campaign the US politicians took undue freedoms with Russia’s actions and American mass media simply demonized Vladimir Putin.

There is an information blockade imposed on Americans. They should know that besides Vladimir Putin and his political opponents there are 146 million people with their own problems in Russia. And these millions form a quite complex, well-developed civil society.

Actually, it seems to me that we know much more about the United States than they know about us. American society lives in a fool’s paradise, created by stereotypes formed by tendentious mass media. When a dialogue is hold with no middlemen, when the sides of this dialogue are interested in understanding each other, all barriers between nations fall all by themselves.


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