Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Visit to Moscow: Outcomes and Prospects

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has wrapped up his Moscow visit, during which he discussed a range of bilateral and international issues with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The Rethinking Russia think tank has interviewed Tatyana Karasova, Head of Israel Department at RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, to learn more about the trip’s outcomes and prospects for the state-to-state relations.

Foreign Press Review (27.02-05.03)

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“A witch hunt”, as Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov called it during his Friday press-conference, continued in the US as attorney general Jeff Sessions was accused of failing to disclose his two last year meetings with Russia’s ambassador Sergey Kislyak during his confirmation hearing in Congress.

Only methodic work can make 2017 regional elections successful

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Russian political parties are now launching their regional electoral campaigns. Party projects will constitute a basis for the electoral competition of 2017.

Talking about United Russia’s project, it is about inaugurating a position of coordinator of party projects at federal and regional levels, working at so-called party project office. Up to date the party has carried out about 40 projects. Apart from closing ten dimensions, the party decided to merge some other in order to simplify its task. So, after the project optimization the ruling party has 25 projects remaining. Almost all of them are about real demands of people: “School of literate consumer”, “Urban environment”, “Healthy children”, “Local cultural center”, “Parks of small towns”, “Theatres of small towns”.