Russian-Japanese 2+2 Meeting

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Russian-Japanese dialogue is now flourishing: the parties have held two-plus-two talks in Tokyo. Ministers of defense and international relations have discussed defense and security cooperation.

The first major item on the agenda was joint economic activity in the south Kuril Islands. This can be perceived as considerable success on the way to reconciling the difficulties over signing a peace treaty after World War II. But the issue of the Kuril Islands disgruntled Japanese nationalist groups, which tried to organize a protest campaign.

It should be mentioned that Russia and Japan are now making towards fully-fledged cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest. In this context, two-plus-two dialogue is an important step to enhance mutual confidence. The format used to be aimed at discussing regional security issues but in the course of time it became an effective platform for political dialogue (the latest consultation took place in 2013). In Tokyo the parties have also discussed anti-piracy measures, ways of fighting terrorism, poaching and drug trafficking. Besides, Japan is going to send humanitarian aid to Syria. Russia meets this decision with approval. New consultations will be held in April in Moscow.

Photo: Aleksandr Shcherbak/TASS

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